Snowy Day at the Harbor

When I went to bed last night it was snowing, but not much more accumulated, and some compaction must have occurred, as Connor said there were only 17 inches in the yard when he measured this morning (I had measured 18 inches last night). Checking Harbor Mountain, I see the snow depth decreased three inches … Read more

The Snow Deepens

More snow fell overnight, and continued in extended showers throughout the day. Although forecast implied very little would accumulate, we ended up with several additional inches, up to 9in on my railing before 3pm, and a foot deep as I’m writing this late this evening. The wind remained calm throughout the day, but later this … Read more

Airport Snow

More snow fell overnight, totaling three inches or so. There were occasional (mostly light) snow showers during the day, but some extensive stretches of sunshine, as well. Winds were mercifully calm during my time outside this afternoon, and the low angle sun felt nicely warm when I was facing it. I had a call that … Read more

Sunny (and cold) Sunday

Today’s forecast bore out with, clear skies and chilly temperatures (though mercifully, not much wind). I had a meeting about the Crescent Harbor MMO work this morning, and the memorial for Marge Ward this afternoon, so I was not tempted to try getting out for a longer excursion. I did make a trip over to … Read more