Winter Birds and Sunset

Temperatures were below freezing overnight and this morning, though no additional snow had fallen.

Karen J. saw a couple of Snow Buntings over at the airport mid-morning, and although I was on a call for work, I took advantage of mobile technology and went over there with Connor.

Unfortunately, the Snow Buntings had moved, and we did not find them, though I did see a magpie, and Connor saw the bluebird and a Swamp Sparrow.

Also unexpected were 2 or 3 Savannah Sparrows near long-term parking which I saw again later in the afternoon when they were taking advantage of snow-free areas underneath vehicles in the lot.

As the sun was setting, the thin overcast which had been over town throughout the day started to thin, and I could see the half moon. Perhaps not coincidentally, I started feeling a chilling wind out of the W or NW. I suspect it was much stronger higher up, as it looked like snow was blowing off osme of the mountain peaks.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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