Full Moon and High Tide

On my way to the Backdoor for breakfast this morning, I noticed a big just-past-full moon looking striking low in the sky to the west-northwest.

In hindsight I probably should have gone for photos right away, but instead I decided the moon was high enough that I had time to eat and then go try to take some pictures.

As it turned out, I wasn’t wrong about the height of the moon, but what I had failed to take into consideration was the increasing brightness (as the sun rose in the sky), and a bit of haze that really reduced the contrast as the moon dropped towards the horizon.

This afternoon I took some time to go out to Starrigavan during the high tide. Through a combination of atmospheric suppression and not especially high predicted tides, I’ve not been motivated to set aside the various work/projects I have going on to get out and see the high tides this winter.

However, with work nearing completion on the Nelson Logging road rebuild, I was curious to how the high tide looked. While the tide wasn’t high enough to cover the walking trail (which is built up a little from the level of the older road bed), it did come through a drainage pipe to create a narrow pool between the trail and the slope leading up to the new road (which is several feet higher than the old one).

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