Return to Thimbleberry Lake

I revisited Thimbleberry Lake this this morning in hopes of finding the Osprey seen the past couple of days. I saw a bird fly in at the upper end of the lake that I thought might be an Osprey, as it seemed pale on the front, but it was too far to see clearly. I did take pictures and was able to see when I got home that it was an immature Bald Eagle.

Some Audubon folks were in town and a few locals who were interested in birds/birding were invited to talk with them about a project they’re working on to create a ‘Birding Trail’ for Southeast Alaska. It’s really more of a map of the region with information about birding spots in various communities along the way. It should be a nice resource when they get it done.

This afternoon I took Connor and Rowan back to Thimbleberry Lake, and we walked over to Heart Lake and back with no sighting of the Osprey, though it was a nice sunny afternoon for being out. We saw quite a few Fox Sparrows, as well as Hermit Thrushes and Rufous Hummingbirds.

The Audubon folks sponsored a bird-themed trivia contest at the Brewery in the Evening. I was on a team with Kitty, Nils, Angela, and Bill – we ended up winning by a point. We were not doing well after the first round (which had some relatively obscure questions about Southeast Alaska from an atlas Audubon created) – but we came back in the following rounds that featured bird photos and bird songs/calls. The last round was bird-related pop culture trivia, and our team was a good match for the mix of questions they asked (that is, mot of the answers were known by at least one of us).

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