A Break from Sunny Days?

Another sunny day with sea breezes during the day. At least I’m guessing it was sea breezes. Tthe overall wind pattern for the broader area showed light winds, and the day started calm (with frost on the ground), but wind picked up in the area around where I live during the day before dying back in the evening.

This morning I went by Swan Lake – didn’t see any migrants other than scaups and a Bufflehead on the water (plenty of Mallards).

I spent some time sitting outside my door enjoying the sun and listening to birds (mostly siskins and juncos). Lately it seems like there is a Fox Sparrow singing for an extended amount of time in the earlier part of the morning (I can hear it from my bedroom), but I’ve not heard it at all later in the day.

There was an e-bird report of Townsend’s Warbers today – this seems a bit early, as I normally expect them the last week of the month.

There’s a certain almost metallic look the clouds get sometimes – usually when the sun has mostly disappeared behind overcast, but some cumulus clouds are still around. I’m not sure if metallic is the best way to describe the color/feel, but it does seem distinctive. There was a little bit of that in the clouds this evening when I went to the grocery store and took the picture for today’s post.

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I am an aspiring naturalist who seeks to learn all that I can about the more-than-human aspects of this place that is my home.
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2 Responses to A Break from Sunny Days?

  1. Helen R says:

    Speaking of sea breezes, they have been very fragrant lately, love it!

  2. matt goff says:

    Thanks Helen, that’s great! Are you smelling the ocean on the breeze, or do you have flowers whose fragrance is in the air?

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