Wet Weather Returns

The weather was just the sort that inspires one to hang out in a warm dry house. 

Overnight temperatures only slightly above freezing combined with the frozen ground a bit of precipitation left streets and sidewalks coated in a treacherous glaze of ice. School was canceled, and the RIDE (public bus transportation) stopped running for a while after buses slid off the road.

Rain continued throughout the day, and I think the worst of the slick surfaces subsided, but it does not get much more bone chilling than 33 and rainy. There’s no worry about frostbite, but near-freezing wetness just saps the heat right out of you.

If not for the big year project (and my aim to get at least three new observations a day) and a report of Killer Whales moving through the channel to the east, I might not have gone outside all day.

Instead, I took Connor and Rowan out to Whale Park. They watched the waters while I looked around for things to photograph. In the time it took me to get my observations, they did not see any Killer Whales, but we did hear Humpback Whales trumpeting.

A break in the clouds appeared as we were heading home, and we saw a rainbow against Gavan Hill shortly after we arrived home. 

Even the short time outside left me feeling a bit chilled, but despite that, I do enjoy the way the mountains look in this weather. Snow is typically down about halfway on the trees, and there’s a fade from light to dark slopes marking the transition from snowfall to rainfall. One of these days maybe I’ll get some pictures that capture a bit of the monochrome beauty I see here in this weather.

My iNaturalist Observations from Today

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