Catching Up

Picture of Indian River taken a couple of days ago All the excitement of the cuckoo during the last couple of days, and I kind of lost track of the other things I had wanted to make note of recently but didn’t quite get written up, so I’ll put what I can remember in this … Read more


Photo by Eric Parker, used with permission I had a message this afternoon from Eric Parker, reporting that he and his wife Cathy had seen a very unusual looking bird up on Harbor Mountain near the picnic area. They were able to get many photos as they watched it fly from various perches down to … Read more

Rainy Weekend

Rain continued for the fifth day in a row. Not much fell today, and there were actually patches of blue sky this afternoon. Yesterday’s nearly quarter inch brought the June total up to over 0.8 inches, more than doubling the total for the entire month of May. The rain after all the sunny weather has … Read more

Rain Returns

As expected, the rain returned overnight. It was forecast to be fairly windy, and indeed the buoy was showing waves over 12 feet this morning when I checked. Around the house I never noticed a particularly strong wind. It was nice to have the warm summer rain. I hadn’t really thought about it until I … Read more