Singing Robins

I didn’t spend too much time outside today. It was a relatively warm and calm day, with forecast rain holding off until this evening (what I read this morning suggested it would start raining after 1pm, and perhaps it did elsewhere in the area, I didn’t check the radar).

While I was sitting outside this evening, I noticed several robins singing. It wasn’t full on territorial singing (or at least I don’t think it was), but it made me wonder if some migrants have started to come in, or if it’s just the wintering birds that are getting more serious about tuning up their vocal cords. It’s the first time I remember hearing them.

I did go up to Kimsham fields to see about playing ultimate. Not enough people showed up to play, so we just tossed the disc around for a while. It was interesting to hear Varied Thrushes singing both near and far. I haven’t really been hearing them much in my neighborhood.

I put some old shredded paper and stuff where it looks like a cat has been using one of my planters as a bed. Will be interesting to see if that discourages it.

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