Gavan Trail

Although I was not feeling especially motivated, the weather was still pretty decent, with partly cloudy skies giving way to overcast as the morning wore on, so I told Connor and Rowan that we would go up Gavan Trail to the junction with the upper cross trail. When I had last been up that way, I had noticed a bright orange polypore, but did not collect it. It turns out, that in order to get it identified, it needed to be collected, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. At the same location just across the trail, there were some other small fungi growing on the cut end of a log, so I took pictures of them (and made a quick collection).

I checked the ibuttons, and other than a bunch of water that had seeped in to the bags that were supposed to be protecting the ground ibutton, there weren’t any issues. I replaced the rusting wire (so squirrels don’t cut the string, which they had before) with some scrap trolling cable that Connor had. It will be a much simpler process to retrieve data from the ibuttons from here on, so that is nice.

I heard from someone today that the swans had left Starrigavan.

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