A Taste of Winter?

Today’s weather continued the recent trend of clouds to the south of town, blue skies to the north (and somewhat to the east). Forecasts were calling for high winds, but things were reasonably calm in town. A look out towards Eastern Channel suggested it wasn’t so calm elsewhere, however. I talked to a couple of people who each live in the path of winds coming out of Silver Bay, and they said it was quite windy today.

Forecasts for the next couple of days include wind and snow – the clouds from the south are due to finally push north and override the cold air in place from the high pressure in the north. Eventually temperatures will rise and we’ll see rain, but the models are currently predicting we’ll see a day or two of snow first. After a winter season basically free of snow so far, it might be nice to see a little snow, but my hope is it doesn’t last too long (mostly because it’s easier to get around without it).

I spent some time out at the airport before class this afternoon. I had the sense the birds were much more frenetic about their foraging. It’s easy to imagine they can sense the winter storm coming, and are looking to store up as much energy as they can manage ahead of it.

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