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Colder Weather and a Marbled Godwit

Rowan and I spent some time looking for birds today, including in the Channel, out at Starrigavan, and then at the Turnaround (we had also intended to check out John Brown’s Beach but the gates onto the Coast Guard base … Continue reading

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Cross Mountain

Although the official name (that’s on the maps) is apparently Cupola Peak, Cross Mountain is what I’ve always heard as the name of the distinctive mountain that stands beyond Bear Mountain above Silver Bay. Rising from the ocean to a … Continue reading

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Green Flash

I have been trying for several years to capture the optical phenomenon known as the “green flash.” Although theoretically possible to see during any sunrise or sunset, the terrain around Sitka limits near sea level viewing possibilities from the downtown … Continue reading

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Brown Booby Brought In

Jen C. of the Alaska Raptor Center here in Sitka sent in a couple of photos to the Sitka Birds e-mail list this morning along with the following note: Just wanted to send out a note to let everyone know … Continue reading

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Gulls on the Ramp

A slightly less hectic day, I did have a meeting over at UAS for a project I’ve been working on. Since I now have a working bicycle again, I thought it would be good to take it rather than drive … Continue reading

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Cassin’s Auklet

On yesterday’s trip to Ataku Island, a highlight for me was seeing my first Cassin’s Auklets. We were out off Long Island and headed to the outside of Cape Burnof when I first noticed the gray bird on the water … Continue reading

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