Ultimate Rainbow

Overcast with some intense showers moving through gave way to partially clearing skies by early afternoon. Heavy clouds lingered over the mountain peaks, but over the water blue sky emerged between billowing cumulus that were quickly moving and breaking apart, occasionally dropping some rain in the process.

This evening I went up to play ultimate frisbee, and while I was there saw a bright rainbow, so I took a break and took some photos of folks playing frisbee with the rainbow in the background.

This afternoon I had the chance to visit a little sandy beach near Gagarin Island. It clearly gets a fair amount of use, probably from both campers and folks just out for a picnic. I was interested to see dandelions, two species of non-native buttercup, and clover all established in the meadow above the beach. Dandelions seem to do pretty well getting around on their own, but the others probably came in on/with people. Even so, the meadow did not seem to be compromised by the presence of those non-native species, as it also was full of typical native beach meadow species such as dune grass, columbine, cow parsnip, yarrow, and more.

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