John Brown’s Beach Revisited

It was quite rainy for the morning yesterday, though it started to ease up a bit in the afternoon. Tuesday evening I saw a report of a bird that had been singing unlike any of our expected species, so I went over to the Turnaround and checked it out. I didn’t find anything and then checked again in morning, but at that time it was pouring down rain. I took advantage of the rain to work on catching up with photos from past week, and also catching up on sleep too many early days in a row, including that 2:30am start time).

Today I still felt a bit tired. There was some clouds and rain this morning, with sun breaking through, but as the day went on the breaks were bigger but we still had some showers. Working through pictures from low tide, I decided I wanted to double check some seaweeds and went to John Brown’s Beach for the -0.7 just before noon. I discovered that two feet makes a pretty significant difference, and I was not able to get to some of the ones I wanted to check. I did manage to take pictures of several others, however. I also noticed there are a lot of a later blooming white-flowered Osmorhiza along the trail. At this point I’m not sure whether they are O. berteroi (used to be chilensis) or O. depauparata.

On an afternoon stop by long-term parking there were not any Savannah Sparrows active that I could see. Most of the rest of the day was spent doing more work on photos and weblog, though I did spend some time recording the Song Sparrow that’s been singing near my house. I notice two major themes, each with at least a couple of minor variations.

(pictures to come)

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