Around Swan Lake

It’s the first day of summer by bird recording conventions, and while I didn’t really going birding per se, I did spend a little time around Swan Lake this morning before walking to frisbee. It was nice to hear the Red-winged Blackbirds in the distance. I was a little surprised to see a lone Greater White-fronted Goose on the peninsula, but less so to see the four Lesser Scaups that have been around for at least a few days. I was also able to hear at least one Swainson’s Thrush singing as well as what I believe were Yelllow Warblers.

On the west side of the lake I noticed a lot of leaf damage (mostly on alders) from some sort of caterpillars. I’ll post more on that with some photos after I’ve (hopefully) learned a bit more about it.

The forecast was for mostly sunny skies, but that did not happen (though the sun did peak through the clouds a few times. It was a bit breezy out of the west or northwest, but not too bad.

I spent the later part of the day at the services for John Littlefield.

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