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Snowy Day at Totem Park

I got an e-mail this morning from someone who reported seeing a dozen or so geese off the point at Totem Park this morning. She said it was dim and she didn’t have binoculars so couldn’t see them too well, … Continue reading

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Snow and Clearing Skies

The clouds broke up over town this morning after snow overnight. By around noon, it was again completely overcast and the snow started shortly thereafter. Coincidentally, the kids and I headed over to SJ since someone had suggested frisbee for … Continue reading

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Snow and Birds

Snow overnight with some scattered snow showers today left the ground covered in an inch or so of snow. Between the snow showers, the sun was actually shining for a good chunk of the day. Was nice to have another … Continue reading

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Barrow’s Goldeneye Foraging?

On a recent trip to Totem Park I observed a small flock of Barrow’s Goldeneye, both males and females, within a couple feet of shore. They were swimming along, ducking their head below the water, then diving briefly before popping … Continue reading

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Walk around the Lake

Rowan’s mittened hand for scale next to a Trumpeter Swan track at Swan Lake There was a chance that frisbee might be played this morning at Moller Park, so the kids and I walked up the west side of Swan … Continue reading

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Winter Sun at Totem Park

Bright skies this morning lured me into taking a walk with Connor and Rowan down to Totem Park. However, by the time we were leaving, it seemed to be totally overcast and a light snow was falling. We walked down … Continue reading

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