Monthly Archives: December 2009

Indian River Valley Hike

I took Connor and Rowan up to see the big hemlock on a chilly last day of the year. They were able to climb up inside of it. After they had done so, I did and decided to see if … Continue reading

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Foraging Walk to Lincoln Street Beach

Connor, Rowan, and I took a walk down to Lincoln Street beach to gather some licorice root fern (Polypodium glycyrrhiza) to try. While there I took some pictures of the lingering fog over the water and clouds moving in from … Continue reading

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Winter Sunset

The sunset before solstice had some nice color, but no green flash as the sun dropped below a low bank of clouds near the horizon. Meanwhile Connor and Rowan were taking advantage of the snow to go sledding on the … Continue reading

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Shorebirds and Bear Mountain

Some pictures from a short boat trip today.

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Frozen Swan Lake

I spent some time out on a frozen Swan Lake today.

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Frosty Days

Recent cold weather combined with low-angle sun allowed frost to build up in Starrigavan Estuary where it is shaded throughout the day.

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