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Salmon Lake Trail

Salmon Lake trail follows Salmon Creek up from the end of Silver Bay to Salmon Lake, and then further on up the valley, ultimately branching with the main current trail going over to Redoubt Lake Cabin, and a historical trail … Continue reading

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Salmon Lake Photos

Most of today’s photos were take on a trip to Salmon Lake. The exception is a picture of The Sisters at Sunrise.

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Winter Weather

I had heard this year was going to be an El Nino year, which seems to correspond to relatively mild winters in Sitka, so it was interesting to see winter season getting started relatively early this year, with snow beginning … Continue reading

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More Stormy Weather

The the last couple of weeks have seen quite a bit of stormy weather around Sitka. Saturday had the highest winds of the fall storm season so far with sustained winds over 30mph and gusts up to near 60mph. Winds … Continue reading

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Hola’s Harvest

On a small island of trees at the bottom of the street we live on, there’s been a squirrel that Connor and Rowan have been paying some attention to. Though I am unsure of their reasoning, they have taken to … Continue reading

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Cached Gull Update

Last week I noticed a gull cached in the bank of the flume. In the days since, I have managed to stop by there a couple of times to check on it, and until yesterday it hadn’t looked much different … Continue reading

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