Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • going to the beach with the kids #
  • compiling the spring bird report for Sitka (only a month late!) #
  • Gathering materials for a caterpillar habitat. Connor and Rowan have found them on Elderberry and Alder so far today. #
  • logistic regression; as usual, the hard part seems to be getting the data pulled into a usable format. #
  • reading draft of Spring 2009 field notes (about birds) for Southeast Alaska. #
  • Picking rhubarb. I let it go so long, it might be the only harvest I get this summer. #
  • Picking strawberries— they're so sweet, it's hard to decide whether to eat them on the spot or save some for later. #
  • Headed to Starrigavan Ridge for first time in at least a couple of years. #
  • Getting slowed down by ripe blueberries #
  • Taking a dip in a subalpine lake and drying off in the warm sun on the soft ground of an meadow with a view. #
  • Enjoying the evening sunlight on a spectacular ridge-top view while I get ready to hike back. #
  • Pulling photos off my camera from today's hike. #
  • is cleaning (no car to clean, but that's the idea) #

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