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30 November Photos: Totem Park

I went on a walk around Totem Park around sunset this afternoon.

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29 November Photos: Swan Lake

The lake was mostly frozen, so quite a few birds were close to the penninsula in one of the patches of open water. I took advantage of their limited room to roam and got some photos.

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26 November Photos: Swan Lake Birds

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Returning Junco?

A few days after Connor started spreading some bird food around the yard a couple of weeks ago, the Dark-eyed Juncos discovered it and have since been frequent visitors. Among them is an individual (shown above) with unusual pale feather … Continue reading

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25 November 2007 Photos: Swan Lake Gulls

I took some photos of a couple of juvenile gulls to see if I could puzzle out an identification. I have not worked too hard at it so far, but I think the first one is a Herring Gull and … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

Spent the day at home, though I did go outside a few times to look at birds. Weather: The forecast was for mostly cloudy skies, and it was accurate. In this case, mostly cloudy meant brief breaks of blue sky … Continue reading

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