Daily Observations

Clouds over the Mountains

Yesterday evening Connor, Rowan and I biked out to Verstovia Trail and hiked up to the first view point. They did pretty well at hiking up. Connor wanted to see the view and Rowan wanted to see the view, but also wanted to turn around. On the way back, she was in front the whole way. They made it up and down the large steps without any trouble. Connor did trip on a root once, but did not suffer any lasting damage. Now they tell me they want to hike up to the top.

This afternoon I played frisbee out on the campus lawn for awhile.

Weather: It’s been pretty wet. Rain came down hard Friday and Saturday, though it had let up by the time we went hiking. Today was mostly low clouds that broke up and resulted in a period of sunshine this afternoon before the fog settled in again. I heard from someone who went up Verstovia earlier in the day that it was clear up there when it was still foggy/cloudy in town. Coming back from Verstovia the clouds seemed fairly intense (see photo above). Despite the clouds and rain, daytime temperatures have been in the upper 50’s, even hitting the lower 60s. I might do some research to see if this is unseasonably warm, but it certainly is much warmer than last year’s cool conditions.

Birds: We did not see too many birds on Verstovia trail, but there were some chickadees. Connor is getting pretty good at recognizing some of the birds, both by sight and by call. The chickadee call is one he can usually get.

Other Notes: The Goblin’s Gold that grows along the trail has spread in its little alcove, but I did not notice anything other than the reflective part. That is, I did not see any leafy growths. The kids seemed to think it was kind of neat.

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