Crossbilled Pacific Loon

Notice the different looking beaks. A close up of the bird on the left is shown below. While editing photos today, I noticed that one of the loons I had taken pictures of earlier this year appears to have a crossed bill. I have no idea how common this occurence might be. I also am … Read more

Daily Observations

On yesterday’s birding class walk, we went to Swan Lake, then down to ANB Harbor. Today I spent most of the day inside working on culling photos from the past month or two (both to free up harddrive space and to get closer to get them processed). Weather: Friday was overcast and a little chilly, … Read more

Daily Observations

Rather than prepare for my talk this evening, I decided to go look for a Hoary Redpoll again. I spent a couple hours at that, which made for a very frantic afternoon as I rushed to get prepared. I finished with little time to spare, but I think things turned out okay (even though I … Read more

25 January Photos: Swan Lake, feeders, and the Turnaround

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I stopped by Swan Lake, took some pictures of Common Redpolls at Marge and Tedin’s feeders, then swung by the Turnaround on my way home.