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Scaup Identification Question

One last bird question for tonight. When I first saw this scaup, I thought the shape of the head looked like a Greater Scaup (much more broadly rounded than I associate with Lesser Scaups). However, when it flapped its wings, … Continue reading

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Redpoll Identification

While going through photos from last November, I took a closer look at some of the first pictures I took of redpolls. I noticed that there was at least one bird that seemed quite a bit paler than the other … Continue reading

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Crossbilled Pacific Loon

Notice the different looking beaks. A close up of the bird on the left is shown below. While editing photos today, I noticed that one of the loons I had taken pictures of earlier this year appears to have a … Continue reading

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Daily Observations

On yesterday’s birding class walk, we went to Swan Lake, then down to ANB Harbor. Today I spent most of the day inside working on culling photos from the past month or two (both to free up harddrive space and … Continue reading

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27 January Photos: Backyard at Night

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