Daily Observations

Winter Ravens

I took a couple of short walks around the neighborhood, but spent most of the day inside.

Weather: The warmer temperatures, rain, and high winds that were forecast for last night did not come to pass. Though the temperature started to rise late in the evening, it apparently cooled back off, as it was back in the lower 30s this morning again. Winds were calm and there were a few light snow showers. This afternoon, a little before sunset (which now occurs around 3:30pm), it was even looking like the precipitation was more rain than snow. After the sunset, the temperature dropped another degree or so, and this evening it was snowing pretty heavily.

Birds: There were lots of crows and ravens around the neighborhood. There were several ravens all perched in the same cottonwood tree along Lincoln Street.

I thought I heard a Bohemian Waxwing from behind the house, but I only heard the call twice. The second time was quite a bit further away sounding than the first, so I did not pursue it.

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