Daily Observations

Savannah Sparrow

Weather: Although it was mostly cloudy to overcast for most of the day, there was a large patch of blue sky over town this morning. Winds were fairly calm.

Birds: Migration seems to be going in full swing. I saw Savannah Sparrows (the first I have seen since late May).

There were also warblers, including Yellow Warblers, Wilson’s Warblers, and Townsend’s Warblers, several American Robins, at least one Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and probably some other birds that I couldn’t quite make out through the branches foraging around the campus.

During faculty meeting this morning, a Yellow Warbler crashed into a window of the chapel. At first it lay on the steps upside down and quivering. I kept checking on it, and it eventually recovered enough to get turned over. Finally, after about 40 minutes, it was strong enough to fly away when people started coming out of the building.

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