Slime Molds

Slime Mold

Slime Molds are something I am not all that familiar with.  Until this year, I do not think I had noticed slime molds more than a handful of times.

Slime Mold

This summer I have noticed slime molds growing a few different places while on hikes, but never in the abundance and variety that I saw yesterday along Mosquito Cove Trail.

Slime Mold

There were at least 4 distinctly different forms (and I assume they would be different species).  One of the yellow forms was present in multiple locations.

Slime Mold

This pink form was the most interesting to me.  I guess I am not certain it is a slime mold, but that
is my best guess.  It reminds me of bubble gum.  Unlike other slime molds I have noticed, this one had a relatively tough outer layer.  However, inside the thin leathery exterior was a pink slime.

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  2. PinkIDPerson says:

    If someone is trying to Identify that pink slime mold, check out “Wolf’s Milk Slime”, or “Lycogala epidendrum”. I think that might be it.

  3. matt goff says:

    I agree. Thanks!

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