Dragonfly Emergence

(Concerning events from 7 June Hike) Four Spotted Skimmer Perhaps it was because of the weather. The muskeg was bathed in the warm sunlight. It was the first full sun this area had seen in over a week. I noticed a black and yellow dragonfly and saw it land not too far from me, so … Read more

Daily Observations

Weather: Another sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. The fog was hanging just offshore, sometimes moving right up to the shoreline, before moving well offshore by mid-afternoon. Birds: I got some good views of Townsend’s Warblers finding food in the willow tree behind the neighbors house. I also saw one foraging in the salmonberries … Read more

Recent Observations

It has been difficult to maintain a schedule the last few days, so I have not kept up with daily observations. I have been trying to catch up on various projects, so I did not get out too much except on Wednesday when I went for a hike up Indian River valley to the muskeg … Read more