Daily Observations

Northern Harrier

Weather: It was rainy this rainy in morning, but had stopped by mid-morning. The snow was down a little bit on Gavan Hill, to about the 1800 foot level. There were small breaks in the clouds through the afternoon and evening with rain starting again in the late evening. As I started my walk in the late afternoon, there was a breeze out of the west with clouds and little bit of rain. After the cloud had passed over and the sun was starting to peak through a break, the wind died down.

Birds: This morning there was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing outside the building while I was in class. I saw a pair of Mallards on the flume. I assume it is the same pair I have seen a number of times in the past week or so. Perhaps they will be nesting along the banks of the flume.

At totem park I saw cormorants a little ways off shore, Western Sandpipers, a lone Black-bellied Plover, a Green-winged Teal, several pairs of Buffleheads, a variety of gulls, and a female Northern Harrier (a new bird for me).

I had forgotten how well the Western Sandpipers blend in. I had seen one land and was walking carefully toward the area hoping to get a better look (at the time I was not sure what kind of shorebird it was). I was looking for birds, but did not see any, so I figured maybe it had run down the beach. Rather suddenly, a flock of them took off not too far in front of me. Somehow, despite looking for them, I had not been able to see them. Later I was able to get a better look of a flock of at least 50 birds. All the birds I saw looked like Western Sandpipers.

I am beginning to wonder if there is a crow nest on the corner of Lincoln and Jeff Davis Streets. I saw a raven being mobbed by crows in that area again today.

Other Notes: There were two seals not too far from shore at the park.

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