Daily Observations

Fishing for Steelhead

Another full day with little time to get out for a walk. I did manage to get down to the park for a quick walk through this afternoon. This evening Connor, Rowan, and I went out with some friends to spend the evening on their boat anchored up in Leesoffskaia Bay.

Weather: It was partly cloudy overnight and there was frost on the ground in the morning. Winds were calm, but by late afternoon there was breeze blowing out of the west under overcast skies.

Birds: I did not see any shorebirds on my walk at the park this afternoon. There was a Pelagic Cormorant that flew off from near the park shore.

In Aleutkina and Leesoffskaia Bay, there were a number of Buffleheads and Common Mergansers.

Flora: I noticed some plants growing at the edge of the forest that I did not recognize right off. I think they might be Fringecup, but I’ll have to wait until later in the year to know for sure.

Other Fauna: A couple of students were fishing for Steelhead in Indian River. One of them thought there probably 15-20 fish in the hole. I was able to see a few of them, but without polarized sunglasses, it was difficult to see through the glare.

There were two or three seals hanging out in Leesoffskaia Bay while we were anchored up. There were also many jellyfish. Small fish were jumping all over the bay, I was thinking they might be salmon fry coming out of the nearby streams. I have heard that jellyfish can move into bays when the salmon are outmigrating, so I wonder if that is why they were there.

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