Flowers along Harbor-Gavan Trail

Stream violet Fern-leaf goldthread Salmonberry Alaska Mt. Heather (white and red colors; this is the alpine smell) Shootingstar Cooley’s buttercup Narcisus Anemone Sitka Valerian (buds with a little bit of color showing) Paintbrush (red and yellow) Black Lily (buds with color) Deerheart (buds) Bittercress species Siberian Miner’s Lettuce Dwarf blueberries Rosy twisted stalk (almost open) … Read more

Wildflowers for the Year

Wildflowers that I have seen blooming so far this year are: Salmonberry (Middle April or earlier) Blueberries (Late March) Huckleberries (Middle April) Trailing Currants (Middle or Late April) Dandelion Siberian Miner’s lettuce (First Week May) Fern-leaf Goldthread (Middle April) Three-leaf Goldthread (First Week May) Alpine Azalea (First Week May) Bog Rosemary (First Week May) Draba … Read more