June 17, 2007

Species #34: Sixspotted Orbweaver

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Yellow Spider

Sixspotted Orbweaver
Araniella displicata

I have seen spiders like this a couple of times before. I was thinking it might be a Crab Spider of some sort (probably because I associate them with the bright colors), but upon checking a little further, that didn’t seem likely. I was eventually able to determine (with the help of bugguide.net and Slowik’s paper on the spiders of North Chichagof) the species.




  1. […] small, moving pretty consistently (unless it was upside down) and looked different enough from the female I had previously photographed, that I didn’t recognize it until I took a look at the pictures when I got […]

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  2. What is the etymology of araniella displicata?

    Comment by james a. robinson — July 23, 2008 @ 4:10 am

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